Pack Your Gym Bag, Curate Your Playlist and Get Ready to Take Your Fitness to the Next Level at This Gym in Dwarka

Located in sector 12, Battlefield Gym has the largest CrossFit area in Dwarka, top-notch equipment and certified trainers committed to take your fitness to the next level.

Two floors of a spacious workout environment along with certified trainers and best in class equipment that match all your workout needs, Battlefield Gym is a place where you can do it all. It has something to offer for every person that goes to the gym.

Are you someone in search of a good gym for CrossFit in Dwarka? Well, you need not look any further. Battlefield gym has the largest Crossfit area in Dwarka with a variety of accessories and fixtures for calisthenics and strengthening like – power cage, tyre flipping, multi grip pull-up bars, battle ropes, kettlebells, full-length monkey barsand much more.

Are you a couple who workouts together but has no place to drop off the kids? No need to worry. Battlefield gym has a dedicated kid’s recreational area with slides, blocks and other nontoxic and high quality toys that allow to keep them busy while you complete your workout.

Working out at Battlefield becomes even better due to the quality of its trainers. They possess reputed certifications like K-11, NSQF level 4, REPS level 3, Sports Nutrition etc.

Along with certifications, the trainers are amicable, helpful and are committed to the client.  There are enough trainers at the gym to impart general training to all members without any extra cost.

Another facility that people tend to pay less attention to, is the wet area. Post workout, one needs to cool down and get clean. Battlefield gym has a spacious state of the art wet area with steam facility.

Be it the ample parking space around the gym or the workout experience, everything has been meticulously thought about. From the warm up to the main workout to cool down and clean up, Battlefield gym promises a workout experience that will surely take your fitness to the next level.

  • What? | Battlefield Gym
  • Where? | Plot#2, Block A Sector 12 Dwarka, New Delhi-110075
  • Contact | +91 88600 10080

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