Vote for Dwarka’s Best School (2019)

Dwarka is voting for the Best School(Popular) in 2019, Have you put your vote already?

Vote for Dwarka's Best School (Popular) 2019!
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  • School name is repeated, please keep a note of it.

    baja May 9, 2019 3:18 pm Reply
    • Both my kids study in this school and i am associated with this school from last 10 years.
      Tremendous hardwork and dedication is visible and each year the school is progressing more and more.Ms Nita Arora is a bundle of positivity which she keeps transferring not only to her staff and students but also to the parents.I think there can be no better school than svis.🙋 My vote goes to S.V.I.s.

      Anonymous May 15, 2019 5:22 pm Reply
      • It gives me immense satisfaction that my kids are in the right hands.

        Anonymous May 15, 2019 5:33 pm Reply
    • Dear Site Admin

      The voting was to be open from May 9-15,2019.

      Extending it longer than that somehow lowers it’s credibility as well as of the facebook page and raises a question mark on the intent.

      It is May 16, late evening and the voting is still open.

      Hope it is taken in the true spirit of a Dwarkawala

      Anonymous May 16, 2019 8:26 pm Reply
    • Declare the result and close the voting.

      Anonymous May 17, 2019 9:10 pm Reply
  • My school Mount Carmel is best😍😍

    Harshita Barnwal May 9, 2019 3:29 pm Reply
    • It’s indeed the best school in Dwarka, which offers all-round development!

      Arunima May 10, 2019 11:37 pm Reply
  • NK Bagrodia Public School is better in terms of result and even fee structure.

    Parvati May 9, 2019 3:40 pm Reply
    • Bal bharati public school sec-12 is best school

      Himanshu Panwar May 12, 2019 11:09 am Reply
      • Bal Bharati Public school Sec 12 is best school in the World

        Anonymous May 12, 2019 8:48 pm Reply
  • BGS IPS is best

    Dina May 9, 2019 6:22 pm Reply
  • Best school

    Lakshya May 9, 2019 7:19 pm Reply
  • Dps obviouslyy

    Shivam May 9, 2019 9:07 pm Reply
  • My school Mount Carmel School sector 22 dwarka

    Riddhiman Sharma May 10, 2019 11:31 am Reply
    • East or West Svis is the b

      Arnav Vashisht May 11, 2019 7:12 pm Reply
  • My school Mount Carmel School sector 22 dwarka is the best.

    Riddhiman Sharma May 10, 2019 11:32 am Reply
    • How can Mount carmel be surveyed since it has already been derecognised?

      Anonymous May 11, 2019 12:35 pm Reply
  • #Prepareforbettertommorow
    Venkateshwar School is the Best School in Dwarka which provides the best academics along with extra curricular-activities and overall discipline of the Students. I congratulate the principal, Ms Nita Arora and all the teachers who continuously put in their hard work towards the development of their Students and School.

    Reetika Gupta May 10, 2019 12:40 pm Reply
  • Venkateshwar Sec 18, not only focuses on Academics but also the all around development of the child and bring out the best. It has proved itself on various platforms and will do it again..

    Ritika Shokeen May 10, 2019 12:51 pm Reply
  • Bal bharati public school is the best school in Delhi. It has been ranked 2 most desirable school in West Delhi by Times of India school survey 2019.

    Astitva May 11, 2019 12:32 pm Reply
  • Bros BGS is the best school.We have the best education pattern.And also the toppers

    Nishchay Bhatt May 11, 2019 1:15 pm Reply
  • Vote for BGS

    Nishchay Bhatt May 11, 2019 1:16 pm Reply
  • Vote sri venkateshwar International school sec 18

    Pari May 11, 2019 2:25 pm Reply
  • Sri venketeshwar international school dwarka sec 18 the best school for overall development of the child

    Anu May 11, 2019 9:42 pm Reply
  • Svis is the best school for students

    Nandu May 11, 2019 10:18 pm Reply
  • Vote to Bal Bharati Public School ,Dwarka

    Bramhotri Nath May 12, 2019 9:35 am Reply
  • Bal bharati public school sec-12Dwarka is best for Bal bharati

    Himanshu Panwar May 12, 2019 11:10 am Reply
  • Queen’s Valley School in sector-8 is the best school I love it. It’s teaching, bheaviour of teachers and students,way of summerizing everything, learning tricks and obvousily the celebration of festivals, small occasions and even the Annual day celebrations are the best. And many more. 💖💖

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 10:10 pm Reply
  • Svis is the best school in tearms of overall development of child.

    Khushboo chandak May 15, 2019 6:01 am Reply
  • SVIS sec 18 best school at Dwarka

    Jyoti May 15, 2019 7:24 am Reply
  • Shri VIS best school for the students

    Anita May 15, 2019 7:46 am Reply
  • Sri venkateshwar international school sec 18 is the best.its a happy school where all dreams come true.the co learner ms nita arora yes she calls herself a learner motivates everyone for the overall development of the students.the way she gives respect to all the staff and students is tremendous.i bet you will not find any other school better than svis.

    Monika Toor May 15, 2019 4:58 pm Reply
  • RPVV sector 10 dwarka is best. Proud to be an RPVVian

    Pooja May 17, 2019 8:37 pm Reply

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