Two cases of Ceiling falls in a week keep residents of Metro View Apartments in Terror

This incident took place on Saturday morning around 8AM, when the ceiling of Mr. Murari Lal’s flat no. 207 in the Metro View apartments, sector 13 came down and he almost got injured. Same thing took place in Flat no. 335 on 9th August in which Deepa Bisht and her daughter were injured. Now Deepa and her family are living in another flat within the same society on rent.

Deepa described that night as a terrifying one. she said that “we three were in a deep sleep when suddenly a part of the ceiling fell upon us, my daughter suffered injuries around the waist and I suffered many too.” Deepa’s husband has filed a complaint to the DDA.

Both the flats in which these incidents took place are on the top floor and the residents said that this problem has now been there for quite a few years. According to the residents no one wants to live on the top floor and the 60 families which already live on top floors have registered same type of complaints with the DDA.

The RWA president of the society said that they have given multiple requests to the DDA to do survey of the ceilings and other parts. Also he said that not only the ceiling but even the balconies are in a bad shape, there are many cracks and rusty metal rods can be seen clearly, people don’t want to live in terror.

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