Trying To Extort Money From Businessman, 3 Arrested in Dwarka

A complaint was filed by a businessman who was asked for ₹30 lakh to keep him and his family safe.

New Delhi, Dwarka- A businessman was recently caught in the crossfire after he received a call from three men, who were working as agents in a finance company. They were under huge debts of loans and planned to extort money from the man. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police(Dwarka) Anto Alphonse, on Saturday, a Palam-based businessman filed a complaint where he stated that he got a ransom call of Rs.30 lakh as protection money for the safety and security of the businessman and his family, further pushing the police in investigating the phone call records.

The accused have been identified as Sachin Kumar Gupta (34), a resident of Palam Colony, Sunil Kumar Khari, (36), a resident of Dwarka Sector-10 and Rahul Kumar (27), a resident of Delhi Cantt area, they said. The accused insisted the man to drop the money at Jama Masjid and but he convinced the trio to come at Dwarka Mor instead. The DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) caught them red-handed just when they took the extortion money from the victim. During interrogation, Gupta disclosed that he was working as an executive at a finance company at the store of the complainant, he said. Later, he got indebted with loans and hatched a plan to extort money from the store’s owner and also roped another employee with him. On apprehension of being identified through their voices, they contacted Kumar, police said. Two motorcycles, four mobile phones and the bag carrying cash were recovered from their possession, they added.

Although it is quite evident from the fact of extorting money, that human beings under circumstantial crisis can and will do anything to suffice their needs. Also, we can see that the crime rate in the south-west region of Delhi and in the largest Sub-city: ‘Dwarka’, is increasing at a quick pace. There are numerous incidents that come to our notice frequently and it is an issue of concern. So again, the question still remains-“Will you fight with your situations or compromise with your basic human dignity”?


By Prerna Chadha

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