Try Out the Lip-Smacking American style Burgers at La Americana Burger

We Dwarkawala(s) always look forward to try out new kinds of foods; here is one, a QSR Chain, serving American style burgers

Began a while back, La Americana Burgers has now opened one of its branch in City Centre, Dwarka. Serving fresh fully in-house prepared burgers straight off the grill, it is a stand out compared to its competitors. They serve juicy grilled burgers that are accompanied by thick & delicious milk shakes and other beverages, the most authentic American way to have a feast. Also, adding to this burger bun are made in house, which are delivered to every of its stores everyday.

America is a bowl of different flavours borrowed from various cultures. This chain brings an American cultural food diversity, which acquaints different ingredients to create mouth-watering delicacies like Chipotle Burger & Piri Burger. It is an idea that blends taste with health. They have mastered the best recipes from these cultural cuisines to serve a new refreshing change for your taste buds. Customers get to variety of buns to choose from, like oregano, whole-wheat, corn dust and multi grain, all of which are prepared in-house. Most of the patty(s) are grilled, in order to enhance the flavour and make the burger healthier to the gut. There premium section serves a range of grilled burgers, which are also friendly to the pocket. Each delightful bite presents freshness with great taste, infusing each dish with distinct flavours of the country. The sumptuous snacks, meals and beverages make for a tongue tickling palatable treat.

Be it a birthday treat, quick getaway or hang out with friends, it is an all-time place to look forward to.

Speaking to their Business Head, Mr. Sujoy Sinha about the next big step following the success of the current branches, he said, “We are looking forward to expanding our reach to maximum people through franchise over Delhi NCR and North region”.

With this, we look forward to get more La Americana outlets opened in and around Delhi.

-Tabraiz Husain

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