It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness and the playground is the most favourable environment for the unfolding of his capacities, talents and inner consciousness. Dwarka, a residential neighbourhood at the western edge of Indian capital has got many such places with beautiful and expansive playgrounds where the highest intelligence and new spirit of a man can be unfolded.

1. The Playground, Sector 7

The playground which has it all!

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2. The PSY Park, Sector 22

This is a place which is favorite to all the school students nearby, a perfect place to chill

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3. The Driving Ground, Sector 1

Want to learn driving? This is the place is the for you. Its not just a driving ground but more

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4. DDA Ground, Sector 9

An Awesome place for sports requiring huge fields

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5. The Bamnoli Ground, Sector 28

Come here for some peace time

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6. The District Public Park, Sector 16A

For all the society people who live near by, this is a place to chill for all age groups

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7. Dwarka Sector 14 Park

Fitness freaks can come here for some satisfying workout

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8. The KV Park, Sector 12

Located near KV school this again is a chill out place for students nearby, though people of all age groups visit it

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9. NSIT Football Ground, Sector 3

This place is a battle arena for the NSIT Students

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10. DDA Park Cricket Pitch, Sector 2

Cricket lovers, come here and practice all you want

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This was just a glimpse of how Dwarka people imbibe the importance of playing as playing is not frivolous, it is not a luxury,  it is not something to fit in after completing all the important stuff .Playing is the important stuff. Playing is a drive, a need, a brain building must-do!!

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  • Bhai apna legend sector 2 toh dala he nahi

    Ankit July 24, 2018 9:15 pm
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