Top 10 Markets in Dwarka


Dwarka- the heart of Delhi NCR has its share of markets, shopping complexes, convenience, general stores and multi utility stores. Below is the list of my favorite places to hangut, shop and make the best out of every day.

1. Sector 12 Market

This Market has all you need, be it food be it clothes be it anything.

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2. City Centre Mall, Sector 12

City Center is the chilling spot and favorite hangout place of Dwarkawalas.

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3. Sector 7, Ramphal Chowk

Ramphal Chowk is a complete market to cater all your daily needs.

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4. Sector 6 and 10 Markets

These two Markets are a package of all what you want.

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5. Pinnacle Mall, Sector 10

Pinnacle Mall has scored 9 in terms of haviing High End shops.

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6. Soul City Mall, Sector 13

This Place Satisfies every age group.

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7. Reliance Mall, Sector 13

Each Floor is a Special Designated section.

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8. Sector 5 Market

If you are looking for a budget friendly market then this is trhe place for you.

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9. Manish Global Mall,  Sector 22

House to a lot of budget friendly places for quick snacks and also home essentials.

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10. Vardhman City Mall, Sector 23

Comes as a savior for people in and around sector 23.

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