Top 10 Gyms in Dwarka

So, are you a regular cardio person or a muscular one? Even if any, I definitely know it helps you out to bum out your stress off your shoulder. I have seen an enormous amount of people getting in & out of gyms but also the types of people you see, not being judgmental but we all have seen right??

Getting in shape has always been a dream, even if you’re fat or thin, tall or short. So let’s get started in getting the top 10 gyms in Dwarka for you to get that shape…..

1. Battlefield Gym, Sector – 12

One Gym that has just taken over entire West Delhi in a very short span of time. This is a place where you can find all the latest equipment and facilities. Come here for ambience and fitness.

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2. Gold’s Gym, Sector – 7

The famous chain of gyms located in almost all the states throughout the country. They certainly have one of the best facilities for the fitness freaks in the town.

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3. The Quads Gym, Sector – 7

You can find your demands being met here. It is suitable for all those people who love fitness.

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4. Enigma Fitness, Sector 10

Fitness spot which has all the facilities and assistance you need.

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5. SportsFit by MS Dhoni, Sector 7

Coming under the Chain of Gyms opened by MS Dhoni, this gym certainly doesn’t fall short in meeting any of your fitness needs.

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6. Mirage Health Club, Sector 10

This gym certainly is awesome in terms of space and equipments.

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7. Absolute Fitness Gym and Spa, Sector 12

This Gym caters to all your needs and will surly meet up to your expectations, your efforts will be supported by the equipments in here.

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8. Sehat World, Sector 23

Not many Gyms are there in sector 23, but this is certainly one of the best present in there.

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9. Get Fit Fitness Studio, Sector 7

Among many of the sector 7 gyms, you’ll definitely find a difference in this one.

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10. Sparta Gym, Sector 13

A decent place to get fit and become one with toned body.

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