Top 10 Dance Academies in Dwarka

Dance is something which everyone loves. So, are you a classical or western dance lover? Even if any, you will love to learn a form of art while getting your body in shape. Now it’s time to learn the MJ moves you always wondered about and show your skills to everyone. We present to you the Top 10 Dance Academies in Dwarka

1. Art Vibe the Dance & Arts Studio, Sector 12

Starting from the Top of our list, Art Vibe proves to be the perfect place when it comes to learning the art. This academy offers the best environment in entire Dwarka.

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2. MPAC Modern Performing Arts Centre, Sector 7

This academy offers great dancing environment as well as skilled teachers. You will definitely feel motivated to learn new forms of dance.

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3. Versatile Dance Academy, Sector 10

Near JM International School, you will find one of the best dance academy of Dwarka. Versatile offers its customers to learn contemporary, hip hop, yoga and zumba & aerobics.

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4. Dance & Aerobics- A Fitness Studio, Sector 7

Learning can’t be any more fun when you get friendly trainers and great classmates. Focusing on your dance moves, this place makes sure that you get in shape.

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5. Tansen Sangeet Mahavidhyalay, Sector 6

Coming under the Chain of Academies of Tansen Sangeet Mahavidhyalay, this academy doesn’t fall short of meeting your expectations. You will get immense learning from the best dance teachers in Delhi.

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6. Tarang Global School Of Performing Arts, Sector 12

Known for its singing and instrumental talent, Tarang Global School also provides great Dance classes. Performing in many competitions, it yields some of the greatest dancers of Dwarka.

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7. G Moves Dance Studio, Dwarka

Excelling with their Youtube channel, G Moves showcases some of its innovative talents city wide. You will learn everything you need to learn in hip hop and bollywood dance forms.

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8. Transform U Studio, Sector 6

Famous for its Aerobics and Zumba, this place finishes our list for the Dance Academies. Focusing more on body slimming, this place will also provide for the need of going to gym.

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9. Kalakendra, Sector 10

Focusing on Classical Dance, Kalakendra also provides different dance forms and Music classes teaching its students the knowledge of art form. The best place to learn Classical Dance.

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10. Dance Culture Performing Art Academy, Shiksha Bharti School

Being a mid-tier school, Shiksha Bharti’s Dance Academy will surprise you with its talent and capacity. It provides classes of largest variety of dance forms.

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