Theft in Nayantara CGHS, Sector 7, act caught on CCTV footage!

The incident took place in 14th of August at around 10:10 am when a cycle was stolen in Nayantara Apartments in bright daylight. Its was seen in the CCTV that a suspicious man wearing a red T-shirt entered the society and after some time was seen riding the bicycle outside through the main gate.


He stole this bicycle from the first floor when no one was noticing. The scheme of events happened as follows:

At around 10:10 am he was seen entering the society.


After a few seconds he went into the building.


He was seen going upstairs (with a suspicious look)to the first floor about after a minute.


In just an interval of 3 minutes he is seen with the bicycle in his hands.


And in the next few seconds he is seen riding the bicycle outside the society.

Even after the complaint was filed and the face of the thief’s was clearly visible, he is out there free. Actions should be taken against such thiefs no matter how small or big the stolen thing is.

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