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What could be the best healthy option than having eggs in your meals in this chilly winter? But if you are bored of having plain eggs, then we, DwarkaWalas have got this amazing spot which will change your mind. Anand Bhai pizza omelette, located in Sector 7, have some healthy and delicious omelettes which will not only bring a twist in your flavors but will also add protein to your diet. Check out this captivating spot for all sorts of variants of eggs, from Pizza to Chicken to even Dry Fruit Omelettes- all of which are served with an enormous amount of toppings that comprises everything from Cheese to Butter to Veggies. If so, then scroll down as we list few ambrosial omelettes to treat your taste buds.

1.Special Paneer Omelettes

Every Paneer lovers Paradise. This Omelette contains huge cubes of paneer which makes it a super awesome eatery for all those who wanna have maximum protein in their meal. This healthy and fulfilling omelette is rich in taste as it has got various ingredients and spices for a balanced and flawless snack party!

2.Special Dry Fruit Omelette

Have you ever tried the combination of eggs with dry fruits? Sounding fascinating, Right!! So, give a shot to this quickry which is a  healthy option among all the mouthwatering omelettes. As we already mentioned, their toppings and ingredients are served in extremely generous amounts, so it’s definitely worth the money for all the dry fruit lovers. Go and try out for yourself!

3.Special Chicken Pizza Omelette

Shout out for this amazing Omelette! Which is made from the two absolute favorite things, i.e. Chicken and Eggs. Also, this luscious dish is topped with butter, veggies and delicious pieces of Chicken which makes it even more appetizing. If you wanna change your mood then come to this. It will be an absolute pleasure!!

4.Special Pizza Cheese Omelette

The essence of their omelettes lies in the ingredients which makes their omelettes better from ordinary omelettes. All of their omelettes are graced by the delicious and sinful amount of butter which graces the taste of their dish. But this one has double amount of trouble and deliciousness as it is also loaded with huge toppings of cheese. This heavy meal will let you in with no regrets because of its mesmerizing taste.

5.Pizza Omelette

This creamy omelette comes with loads of cheeses and sauces, that is served with bread. This crazy omelette is great, to begin with. So, treat yourselves with this and you will not be disappointed!!

You can order each of these to be cooked with two to ten eggs each, so you can either make it a snack or a complete meal to be shared with your buddies. This small snack point doesn’t offer sitting. But you can definitely bring these at your home and enjoy them in your blanket. A perfect go to eat place for these chilly winter evenings!

Where | Anand Bhai Pizza Omelette – E-561A Opposite Goyal Sons, Sector 7, Dwarka
Call Them | + 91 8010781018
Timings | 3 – 11 PM (Closed On Tuesdays)
Check Out Their FB Page |  https://www.facebook.com/Anand.Ande.Wala/


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