Stan Lee – The feisty Marvel creator no more…

Stanley Martin Lieber – 1922 to 2018 aka Stan Lee

An American comic book writer, editor, producer, and publisher. Stan Lee was editor-in-chief of the famous Marvel comics and later its publisher and chairman leading the small publishing house to a large multimedia corporation.

Stan Lee made it possible for the kids to adults to imagine the mythical characters to be real. With the pop culture and its soaring success, Stan Lee died at the age of 95 on 12th November 2018, Monday. Stan Lee kept mentioning in its interviews that he loved his life and he loved what he did for a living.

All of Hollywood and Bollywood as well is in the mourning stage for him. Everyone who has met him or worked with him has been posting pictures for him and showing how much they will miss him. Stan Lee has been an impactful person on every person who has loved him. He has been a god of hand on all those whose career is touching skies now.

From Iron Man to Spider man, from Hulk to The Princess Diaries 2, Stan Lee has never missed a chance to do a cameo and surprised his fans. Stan Lee has done cameos in movies, Animation, X-men universe, spider – man trilogy, fantastic four series, The Amazing Spider-man series, Sony’s universe of Marvel Characters, TV Series cameos and even in other movies as well.

He made every character of Marvel feel real to you to which its audience connects to every movie they see. Stan Lee could make your daily life problems go away in a click whenever you see his movies and can make you fall in love with him all the time.

As the rumors go around, it can be said that Stan Lee died of Pneumonia. But at the end, I would just like to say that “Thank You Stan Lee for making our lives worth living with these amazing characters that you created.”

A legend never dies. As active as he was at the age of 95, he’s lived his life to the fullest. Stan Lee was successful in creating a universe that will be enjoyed by the upcoming generations as well.

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