Speeding Car Kills Rickshaw Driver Outside Sector-12 Dwarka Metro Station

The car killed one, on the spot and injured the other, speeding carelessly.

New Delhi, Dwarka- In the most happening and crowded place of Dwarka, Sector-12, we have another breaking news right after days of a huge gang war shootout in Dwarka Mor. Timed at around 4:00 PM, a grey i20 car rushed on the backside of the Sector-12 metro station at 80 km/hr speed. First, pushed a red Honda city in sheer speed, and then hit two of the E-rickshaws which were standing on the footpath.

“The car raced so fast that it almost went over the rickshaw driver’s head and crushed it entirely. The eyes popped out, the head totally got smashed leaving the scene of the crime, ‘Gruesome’ which killed the man on the spot”, said one of the passersby. The victim was around 25-year-old, came from Bihar to earn money. He was talking to his wife on the call while sitting in his rickshaw, suddenly when the car slammed on his vehicle as well as the next one in the row whereas the other rickshaw driver is seriously injured. Whether the car driver was drunk or not, has not been confirmed yet. The police arrived 15 minutes after the call was made, investigated the crime scene and asked the other rickshawala’s to explain the situation. They explained that there were two men inside the car who were driving uncontrollably and didn’t pay heed to the already standing rickshawala’s.

FIR has been filed in the Sector-17 Dwarka Police Station. The whole community of Rickshaw Driver’s took stand for the deceased and helped the police to analyze the crime in a broader manner. The site of the accident was quite horrific with all the blood spilled on the road; the road to the backside of the metro station was sealed as police guarded the place. The accident didn’t hamper the nearby areas, so the situation was well handled by the police.

-Prerna Chadha

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