Sector 10: As Public Park falls into disrepair, residents avoid usage

Residents resort to avoiding using of park in Dwarka sector 10, ill-maintenance and laxity of authorities to blame

A public park situated in the Sector 10 Division of Dwarka Sub-City, under the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), has fallen into disrepair as concerned authorities seem to be oblivious to the state of it. The neglected park is located adjacent to Prabhavi Apartments and Venkateshwar International School, Sector 10.

Broken swings, rusted sea saws, damaged slides and several unusable broken benches among a sea of wild grass in the park are testament to the lackadaisical attitude of the concerned authorities.

The once popular park now seems lifeless as residents in the area have resorted to avoiding the space. An open gym, not very long ago, had been developed in the park by SDMC. Due to lack of proper maintenance, the facility now lies in a dilapidated condition, in a state far from suitable enough to be used safely.

The park has been under the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) for more than a year now. According to residents, authorities have had a laid back attitude as far as the maintenance of the park is concerned.

People who had been using the space regularly before, demand redevelopment of the area. Cleanliness and Lamp lights are an issue too. On the matter, Director Press Information, SDMC, Radha Krishan said that he would take the subject into concern and the park would be maintained soon.

By Jatin Pandey

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