Residents blame administrative apathy for bad air condition in Dwarka

The air quality in every part of the Delhi NCR is so hazardous including Dwarka. It has been seen that pollution level deteriorated very sharply leaving the residents gasping for breath. The residents are forced to brave the bad condition.

Although the situation has slightly improved from the past two days with the wind blowing in the city, the residents are of the view that the authorities should find a sustainable solution to the problem.

The air quality had slipped too bad from the past two days with air pollution level up to 907. One can understand the situation from the perspective that it was the second-highest reading in the world.

It was only behind an industrious region in France. The situation can be understood from the perspective that prescribed limit for good quality air is 0 -50.

A Resident of Sector 22 said that “This is unfortunate for us that Dwarka is among the most polluted cities in the world. I would like to say that the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, ministers, local MLAs, MPs and councillors were not vocal against pollution.” including to this they said “I haven’t seen any tweet from them on such a serious issue. This shows their ignorance for the public,”

It is also said that dust pollution and pollution due to the airport activities causes the worst condition in Dwarka this year. Suman Malik, an environment observer said that due to emissions from the airport, the areas near Sector 8 and surroundings witness high pollution. “Administrative apathy is a major cause of increasing pollution. The administration must act seriously to check it,” he said.

Ramesh Mumukshu (RTI member) quoted that “Dust is everywhere in Dwarka. I have been witnessing it for years. Civic bodies have not been serious on the issue. Time is running away and the pollution is going beyond control.” 

By Navuddit Khatri

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