Rat Snake Rescued by Wildlife SOS in Dwarka

Wildlife SOS received a call about a trapped snake in the wall of a DDA park in Dwarka. Two members rushed to the spot and rescued the snake.

On 8th January 2019, a three foot long rat snake was rescued by an NGO dedicated to wildlife preservation from the DDA park near Gangotri Apartments in Sector-12, Dwarka. The snake was immediately sent for clinical examination. On Tuesday evening, Wildlife SOS received a call about a snake in the DDA park. The wildlife conservation NGO sent two members to the park, who found the snake trapped in a crack in one of the walls in the park. The rat snake was extricated from the crack, put in a snake bag and sent for medical assessment. According to Wildlife SOS, the snake is currently under observation and will be released into its natural habitat as soon as the vets consider it to be fit.

“Although non-venomous, rat snakes are swift and easily excitable and may bite if felt threatened. It is important to not alarm the snake while carrying out such rescue operations. The extrication needs to be done with caution, as to evade any injury to the reptile,” said the co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, Kartik Satyanarayan.

He explained that rat snakes, or the oriental rat snakes, are a highly adaptable species which are common in urban areas. As a result of the decrease in their natural prey base, these rat snakes frequently stray into urban settlements in search for food. They are harmless in terms of being venomous, but due to their resemblance to cobras, they’re often misunderstood as a highly poisonous species.

Photo credits: thailandsnakes.com

Lakshay Kumar

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