Pollution spike prompts DDA authorities to inspect projects in Dwarka

Authorities’ survey ongoing projects in the sub-city as pollution spikes in the capital

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) officials, led by Vice Chairman Tarun Kapoor were out to inspect projects in the sub city of Dwarka on Saturday. The move was an effort to curb pollution levels in the residential region, where the early months of this winter season saw adverse environmental conditions due to hazardous air pollution.

Of the many factors held responsible for the high pollution levels in the city, rampant construction and other such projects had been singled out by the Delhi Government. The Supreme Court had temporarily halted construction projects thereafter to control the air pollution prevailing in the city.

The officers, during the visit were directed to take measures such as clearance of debris lying on the roads and adjacent areas. To prevent the spread and emanation of dust, cleaning of footpaths and pavements was also mandated using water sprinklers. Properly and completely covering construction sites to control the spread of dust was also necessitated.

The Vice Chairman and accompanying officials were welcomed by the people. But concerns over whether the necessitated steps would be undertaken by the authorities or not, were raised. similar steps had been mandated the last winter season too, to curb the pollution levels then, but the plan on paper had never been executed.

By Jatin Pandey

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