Police achieve breakthrough in cash van loot case in Dwarka sector 6

Dwarka recently faced a cash van loot case in the City. On Thursday the Dwarka police arrested two persons and the driver of the vehicle as well. The cops have recovered Rs 55 lakh rupees approximately (Rs 30 lakh from the Robberer and Rs 24.4 lakh addition from his house) which is a part of the robbed cash. The robbers robbed the van at gunpoint and the police were searching for information about the robbers.

A custodian of the cash van informed the police that they found that the cash van was missing when they came back after refilling the ATM ( Yes BANK ATM ) with cash near Manipal Hospital, The police had meanwhile received another call that the two other persons, who had accompanied the cash van to the ATM near Manipal Hospital, were found to be admitted at a hospital. 

Later the Driver told that there are two armed robbers inside Dwarka. He also included that two persons robbed the cash from the van. When police examined the CCTV footage, they found that some suspicious movement near the spots were recorded.

They observed that a Hyundai Accent car was moving suspiciously at the time during the incident. Police traced the movement of the car and tried to found about the robbers. It was found later by the Police that the car belongs to Madan Lal who is a proclaimed offender.

The police arrested him and recovered Rs 30 lakh. It was later found that the driver of the car was also involved in the robbery. According to police Madan Lal included in his statement that other members of his gang had taken away his share of looted cash, Later on, Police were also successful in arresting the gang members and this whole case was solved.

By Navuddit Khatri

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