Pick Out On Juicy & Meaty Shawarmas For Just Rs 60 Here In Dwarka Sector 10 Market

Delicate and succulent shredded chicken, tucked inside a wrap, laden with delicious sauces and mayo, we just made you drool, didn’t we? This just proves that your love for shawarmas is as real as ours. And this exact endless and unchanging love for this yummy snack led us to a tiny stall in Dwarka that’s been in business for quite a number of years now, named Uncle Chicken Shawarma. And here’s what we think of the place!    Better Than The Rest | The clinking of the knife with the hot tawa greets you the moment you step in the vicinity of this shop and it’ll surely make your day if you are a hardcore foodie. The hustle-bustle of Sector 10 market has led many competitors to crop up, but Uncle Chicken Shawarma has still managed to hold its own, owing to the unmatchable taste and quality of their food.

‘Cause Shawarma = Love | The preparation of the shawarma here is fairly simple – the tortilla or the roti is smeared with a mixture of mayonnaise and cream, after which it’s topped with heaps of shredded or minced chicken and special spices. The green chutney that it’s served with consists of mint, coriander, and curd and can very easily be called the crowning glory of this delectable dish!

So what are you waiting for? Even the Avengers went to their neighborhood shawarma place for a delicious meal after saving the world!

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