Philanthropic citizen brings ‘Neki ki Deewar’ to Dwarka sector 6

With winter approaching, Suman Malik, a resident of Dwarka sector 6 started an initiative (neki ki deewar) to help the needy

A noble initiative of neki ki deewar or a wall of kindness or charity was started by Suman Malik, a resident of sector 6. Malik was inspired to start such an initiative after having seen the same in Chhawla near Dwarka.

Upon enquiry, Malik found out that the wall of charity in Chhawla was set up by officers of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), to help those in need to get access to clothes and footwear without any cost.

Malik, a resident of Youngsters Apartments in Dwarka sector 6, started his initiative after having seen  similar such acts charity. The wall of charity started by him is right in front of Youngsters Apartments in sector 6. 

He began the initiative by donating some clothes himself and later he spread the message about the wall of charity through WhatsApp groups and to people in his residential area.

Neki ki deewar has the tagline “whatever you have in excess, leave it here and whatever you need, take it from here”. Such walls of charity have been started by people all over India and have made a great contribution towards helping the needy.

When asked about this new initiative in Dwarka, Malik said- “This is an easier way to give something to the needy as per their convenience. I would like to say that such things must be initiated in all parts of Dwarka by the people of the community, social organisations or RWAs.”

Residents of Dwarka are surely aware of the cold winters that Delhi has every year. As the winter season approaches, all residents  must join Suman Malik in this noble cause and donate to the wall of charity near Youngsters Apartments in sector 6.

By Abhijeet Pandey

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