Open air gyms take shape as open air bars in Dwarka

Free open-air gym facilities have been installed at several parks in Dwarka that provide free access to a host of fitness equipment. But now it seems like it has become a place of open drinking after dark in Dwarka. Drinking in a public place is now openly seen in Delhi NCR, either they are on roads having drinks in the car or they use public parks and Open gyms for partying.

They create a negative externality which effects and create problems for other people and in the morning various waste of plastic disposable glasses, chips waste rappers and bottles of liquor can be seen on the roads, parks and open-air gyms.

Many parks in Dwarka have seen the drinkers, They Party at night and make the open-air gyms as their party place, They use the equipment installed table to keep their glasses on it.

They don’t even clean or dispose of the garbage into the dustbin and all the materials of wrappers, glasses and leftovers of snacks are seen by the people in the morning who come for a walk in the parks or exercise in the open-air gyms. While partying they even sit on the rubber tiles and damage the rubber flooring and effect the Morning walkers and the gym users.

There are more than 300 parks of different sizes across Dwarka. They have been under the civic bodies like Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). Such incidents of drinking at open-air gyms are mostly reported from the bigger parks.

Now the people are tired of cleaning all this garbage in the morning frequently. Drinking in public are openly seen much more at weekends. To solve this the authorities such as DDA and SDMC should arrange security guards to check this practice and police should also patrol in the parks.

By Navuddit Khatri

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