NSUT’s Students Create Their Own Version of Air Purifier

One of biggest problems Delhi is facing is the air pollution, to which the engineers of NSUT bring the innovative and efficient solution to…


Students from Enactus NSUT, as a solution to tackle the growing levels of pollution and the harms associated with it, began Project Sanjeevani in 2017. Project Sanjeevani aimed to reduce the pollution levels and promote a healthy lifestyle in a safe and affordable manner. Keeping this in mind, Enactus NSUT developed CLAIR – their indigenous Air Purifier. Clair is designed to be the most applicable solution to Delhi NCR’s pollution peril. It is based on an efficient and affordable 2-stage filtration technique that requires only two filters (HEPA and Pre-filter) for purification. This eliminates the necessity of any other filter and reduces the cost by more than 60%.

Project’s R&D team, consisting of engineering students of NSUT, has extensively researched the NCR’s pollution problem. Based on analysis of CPCB’s (Central Pollution Control Board) data on NCR’s pollution, the team concluded that PM 2.5/FPM (Fine Particulate Matter) and PM 10/RSPM (Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter) are the most critical pollutants. They found that the individual levels of PM 2.5 and PM 10 were almost thrice the safety levels on several occasions across NCR. Therefore, CLAIR employs an efficient two-stage filtration technique to purify air from harmful particulate matter as a to the point solution to NCR’s pollution peril.

Breathe Easy Labs, an Indian corporation in air purifier industry, which provides independent lab testing services; certify the air quality after the use of CLAIR. The report shows that it reduces the PM 10 and PM 2.5 levels, which are the major pollutants in Delhi, by considerable amounts every 15 minutes in an hour. It is also proven to reduce the PM 2.5 from 137+, which is Delhi’s average indoor PM 2.5 level, to NAAQS permissible safe limits within 3 hours in a 220 sq. feet room. This report brings Clair on par with most air purifiers in the market, but it is leaps ahead in terms of affordability, making it unique in its class. Clair weighs mere 3 kgs and has a filter life of over 720 hours, and these two factors along with the zero maintenance requirements make it the perfect product for every household.

For more information and purchasing, visit – enactusnsut.org

-Tabraiz Husain

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