Mob Threatens Foreigners After Accusing Them For Cannibalism

In a peculiar incident, six African nationals on Thursday (November 22) were attacked by separate mobs at two different locations near Dwarka Mor, on suspicion of being cannibals.

They were rescued after the hostile crowd gathered outside their homes following rumours that they were cannibals and were abducting children
Delhi Police managed to rescue all four Tanzanian women and two Nigerian men. The matter was brought to light when police received five PCR calls in a span of half-an-hour about a heated quarrel between a mob and a Tanzanian lady in Kakrola area.
Police first reached the spot where a mob of 200-250 persons were standing in front of a house and rescued two Tanzanian women. Police received another call from a women, who claimed that her 16-year-old son was kidnapped by a Nigerian(not precisely), led them to the position of two more Tanzanian women. It is worth mentioning that a police probe found the kidnapping charge to be false.

While searching the area during the night, police found two Nigerian men locked inside a room, police said. They said they were sleeping when some people came and locked their room from outside. One of them does not possess Indian visa, and will be deported, they added.
It was later found that all the charges and allegations were unsurprisingly false. False accusations and mob mentality go side-by-side, which doesn’t makes this incident sound unusual.
The Delhi Police has clarified that the attack wasn’t racially motivated. The police told news agency ANI “No racial attack. Received call that people are gathering. We reached there, dispersed crowd and rescued 2 Tanzanian women. Crowd had gathered following abduction rumours. Later we received a call of abduction. It was a hoax call. We rescued Tanzanian & Nigerian nationals.”
The Police did deny this attack of being racially motivated, but didn’t give any other particular reason. We as readers can connect the dots ourselves and can conclude the reasons why this incident took place.

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