Minor Gouged Out her Sister’s Eyes in Anger

A 17-year-old minor boy, abused her sister after she purchased a dress worth of Rs.100.

A 20-year-old woman in Delhi was assaulted by his 17-year-old brother after
she bought a dress worth Rs.100. The boy was so angry and displeased over her sister’s purchased that he gouged her eyes out. Following terrible incident, the woman was save by the DCW on Tuesday. The incident was reported from Dwarka area of Delhi, where the family resides.

The crime was reported after the member of DCW’S Mahila Panchayat heard the victim’s cries, while they were conducting door-to-door visit in the locality. Upon further investigation, they came to know that the boy often abuses and tortured his sister by beating her.

The victim was bleeding and her face was swollen up due to injuries. The
accused brother locked her sister in the house and refused to provide any medical help despite her injuries. The girl was later admitted in the Safdarjung Hospital where she is being treated. Her condition remained unfavourable and critical and she was facing the state of trauma. “We are waiting for her swelling to subside so that we can properly analyse the nature of damage happen to her eye” Doctor said.

Meantime, DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal visited the girl in Hospital and is monitoring her condition.

Meanwhile, the commission has also contacted the victim’s parents who were in Bihar at the time of the assault. They are on there way to Delhi to take care of her.

DCW has also issued summons to the local police station, urging its SHO to take appropriate action against the boy, who is a minor.

After a further enquiry, they have also learnt that this was not the first time that the boy abused his sister. He also beat his two younger siblings regularly. His eight-year-old sister reportedly told the commission that a day before assaulting her elder sister, their brother attacked her too. Marks of him having tried to bite her were clearly visible on her hands, DCW said.

The commission has also approached the court seeking compensation for the girl and is providing her necessary support and help at the hospital.

By Anchal Jain

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