Man found dead near Hotel in Sector 13 Dwarka

A man was found heartlessly murdered in a green DDA area beside a hotel in sector 13 Dwarka. This area is beside the metro corridor set by police for patrolling and even after this, the incident took place and has left people in and around scared. The man was killed brutally by hitting on his and and throat.

According to DCP Anto Alphonse, the incident was reported to the police at 7 AM in the morning yesterday i.e. Friday 28th. The man is identified as Mr. Rajaram from Bharat Vihar and he worked at a clothes shop. Police says that from the initial inspection it can be said that the murder was not done from the purpose of looting as the police found cash in the pocket of the deceased. investigation is still going on and police is looking into the matter with different possible angles.

It is being guessed that the murder was done at midnight. Many criminal activities has taken place in this area lately and that is why Dwarka police has included this area in the three corridors for patrolling, this corridor is till Dwarka Mor.

According to the people in the nearby societies, the road from the hotel till sector 14 metro station is quite lonely and barren, also there is very low lighting there.

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