Man Accused of Dwarka Shoot-Out got Shot Recently Alongside a Cop, Injured

Police received a call about a tiff between a prior accused gang member and a policeman near Rohini’s Kanjhawala area.

New Delhi, Rohini- The national capital was shaken recently when a gang-war in Dwarka resulted in two deaths on the spot in broad daylight. The situation where one of the gang members shot multiple times on windshield of the car with a man inside it, was so eerie that it caused the civilians to get horrified and flea from congested traffic.

Delhi Police Sub Inspector Krishan Kumar and Ankit, suspected gangster: The two were injured in a gun fight on Friday in North West Delhi. Image Credits:- India Today

A 20-year-old man named Ankit who orchestrated this shoot out in Dwarka Mor has recently been injured in an encounter in Rohini’s Kanjhawala village. This encounter with police was started when the police came to know about his current whereabouts and caught him roaming in his free will. The latter got involved in a gunfight which emerged in a huge tip-off causing the sub-inspector Mr. Krishan Kumar to be badly injured with bullets alongside Ankit.

The police thereafter arrested Ankit and settled the case which makes him an important suspect in the recent shoot out in Dwarka between two rival gangs of Vikas Dalal and Parveen Gahlot. The two were taken to a nearby hospital for immediate medical assistance. It will not be a new thing to say that criminal activities are taking over a well educated and settled society of ours where Peace is still the best option to go with.

Prerna Chadha

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