Loot in broad daylight from cash van in Dwarka

Incident of loot from cash carrying van on Thursday afternoon in Sector 6 

According to Police investigating the crime, the officials of the Securitrans India Private Limited (SIPL) Company had gone to feed cash to an ATM Machine located opposite to Manipal Hospital in Sector 6 Division of Dwarka.

Upon returning, they could not find the remaining cash. Frantic search for the cash was then initiated by the officials, who called the police thereafter to report the crime.

A police officer on site informed, “The van, carrying cash, was halted on main road just after crossing sector 1 traffic signal where two persons entered into the van and robbed some cash before running away.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dwarka, Rajender Singh said, “They must have followed the can from Naraina Vihar side. They seemed to have committed the crime after seeing the van parked on the main road. Dwarka police is putting its sincere efforts and will deliver results soon.”

By Jatin Pandey

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