LED Street Lights being stolen in Dwarka, SDMC needs FIR to claim insurance and replace them

These acts of stealing and robbing in Dwarka are on a hype now a days.

MCD has installed LED street lights instead of sodium ones for proper lighting facility on streets in Dwarka in a more economical way. But now these new lights have become the target of the thiefs. and to put back the LED lights in place of the stolen ones is also a long and costly process. The roads from which these lights are stolen a filled with dark spots on them at night. People are either complaining about it to the MCD or BSES but both of them are helpless.

According to an officer of the SDMC, they have given this work to a company and the company will not replace the stolen lights without an FIR. They said that the lights are under insurance and it cant be claimed without an FIR and all this process takes time. Before making an FIR an officer comes and inspects and only then he makes an FIR. Even after all this it takes a lot of time to receive the claim.

According to MCD officers, they receive complaints of more than 100 lights being stolen every month.Mr. Ramesh who lives in sector 16 B Dwarka said that many LED lights have been stolen in his area and are not being replaced which makes it very dark in and around his locality.

When he complained about this to BSES, they gave their own reasons that they only supply the lights whereas south MCD has their own reasons. A light in front of flat no. 39, pocket B in sector 16 B, Dwarka was stolen and its been 1 month but the light has still not been replaced till date.

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