Infant Run Over by Faculty Member at NSUT, Administration Stays Mum

The incident occurred on Friday morning at Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSUT) in Dwarka sector 14.

A shocking incident came to light on Friday, September 13 at Netaji Subhas University of Technology. An infant was run over by a faculty member who was in a hurry to park his car and mark his biometric attendance. The faculty member was trying to park their car near Block 6 near the land referred to as ‘moksha ground’.

The case is horrendous and one needs to ask themselves whether being a few minutes late for marking your attendance is more important than a human life? Eyewitnesses stated that a laborer working at the university had put their child to sleep on the grassy patch and the tire of the vehicle hit the child’s head and crushed it.

Rather than tending to the infant that they drove over, the concerned faculty member rushed to mark their biometric attendance. Upon being called over to the place of the incident, the faculty member claimed innocence and showed their marked attendance as proof and claimed to have been inside the building.

The infant is no more, however life went on in the college like any other day. The mourning family was offered a paltry sum of 50,000 rupees. The faculty member was not charged and the matter was hushed up to prevent a negative image.

Unfortunately for the faculty member, there were several eyewitnesses present at the spot. Many students at NSUT have anonymously given statements of the incident.

A student at the university said- “We are really angered with this incident. The administration has not taken any action, there has been no case registered against the faculty member and the family is facing injustice. We demand that justice be given to the grieving family.” It is disheartening that an institution of this stature seeks to ‘prevent negative image’ rather than provide justice to the family. Students of NSUT have organized a candle light march on Monday, 16 September at 6PM in memory of the infant.

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