Fraudsters arrested for cloning ATM Cards at Spa Centre in Dwarka

The accused used over 500 cloned cards and withdrew over Rs. 25 Lakh during their fraud spree.

A duo of men running a spa centre here in Dwarka, have been arrested for their involvement in ATM Card cloning. The statement regarding the arrest was released by the Police on Wednesday.

The arrest was made by the Police at Sector 20 marble market in Dwarka on Monday. The arrested duo is of Rajesh Sharma (52) and Shamsher (22).

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) Anto Alphonse, police had received a tip off that the fraudsters would be at the location at around 10 PM. A trap was thereafter laid to nab the duo.

The information received through sources turned out to be fruitful as Rajesh was arrested at around 10:30 PM. Later, upon his instance, Shamsher too was held, said the DCP.

The fact that the duo had rented a spa center in Dwarka Sector 10 and placed a cloning machine there to realize their plan was revealed during their interrogation. 

They would encourage their customers to pay using cards. Of the many, two to three customers would then comply and use their swapping machine to pay the bills. Soon as the customers had entered their PIN, the machine would store the sensitive data. They would later download the stolen data in a laptop and transfer it to blank cards of different banks using MSR machine, said DCP Alphonse. 

After waiting for 15-20 days, they would then withdraw money from ATM’s, leaving the account holders bewildered and shocked. According to Police officials, the accused used over 500 cloned cards and withdrew over Rs. 25 Lakh.

11 cloning devices, 100 cloned cards of multiple banks, a laptop and a magnetic strip reader have been recovered from their possession by the Police. 

By Jatin Pandey

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