Entire network exposed following arrest of minor auto lifter in Dwarka

In a latest horrific news involving Dwarka, a minor has been arrested in the auto lifting scandal and the network of chain involving auto lifters has been exposed.

The incident happened when Dwarka police busted a 14-year old auto lifter who confessed that he used to steal bikes to meet the household demands. He used to disassemble the bike and sell its spare parts to earn money out of it. A total of six stolen bikes were recovered after apprehension of the auto lifter. 

In his statement, the 14- year old said that he used to commit crime for joy ride and recovering money for his needs.

The incident came into light when DCP, Dwarka, Anto Alphonse said that the police were informed about the theft of a CD Deluxe motorcycle on Monday and after further investigation on the theft, police caught the minor and took him under their custody.

By Nandini Sabharwal

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