Enactus NSUT Students Go for “Soil-less Farming”, for Project Aahar

With its aim of coming up with a solution to the continuously increasing demand for development in the field of agriculture, Enactus NSUT proudly announced the project ‘Aahar’. The project aims to improve the condition of our farmers and is technologically and methodologically advanced version of their previous Project- “Farm to Fork”- that benefitted their feeders immensely by removing the middlemen and directly connecting the farmers to their customers. Project Aahar is another step forward to improve the lives of farmers. The project utilizes the rare-known concept of hydroponics to save resources and produce a better yield, and hence, better profits for our farmers.

Moving from the conventional techniques of agriculture, they help farmers to shift to a new form, which is “Hydroponics”, which is growing plants without soil, instead using a nutrient-rich solution to deliver water and minerals to their roots. By applying a nutrient solution directly to a plant’s roots in a controlled environment, a farmer can ensure that the plant always has an optimal supply of water and nutrients. This nutritional efficiency makes the plant more productive, thus increase farming outputs and grow plants in habitats that would not normally sustain them! This method has a dual advantage over the conventional farming methods since it greatly reduces the cost by eliminating insecticide and pesticides and ensures that we get all the benefits of hydroponic farming like conservation of water and reduction in production time. It bears all elements and aspects of modernization and innovative new farming techniques that align with their vision of revolutionizing agriculture.

With this step, they have made a shift from being simple middlemen in the complex supply chains, to being the real-time moderators, using Hydroponics and Soil-less farming as their ambassadors. With this new venture, they aspire to empower our dear farmers and induce in them a sense of self-sufficiency.

With the purpose of profit maximization and higher yield through this method, they expect to produce more than 10 Kgs of coriander and expand it to the rest of the crops soon. The well-being and prosperity of the farmers has been the cardinal aim of Aahar and with the advent of this method, they hope to take this forward with greater momentum.

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