“Education for all” is the motto of this Non profit organization in Dwarka

College Students from Dwarka Mor, have started a non profit organization which aims to provide free education to those who cannot afford it.

About Vidhyadhara

Vidhyadhara is a free online and offline educational platform. Primary target audience of this organisation is underprivileged students.
It is a contemporary entity that anticipates furnishing the platform- “Education for all” especially destitute. They are ambitious enough to accomplish this for Nation’s sake via “nonprofit entity”. It comprises the association of youths having higher education framework and deep dedication to make a significant contribution in the development of the nation.

Target audience
Students from class 6th to 12th.
Date of implementation
1st April ,2020
Team size
Total number of students studying online(currently)

Current POA

They have collaborated with various NGos like Gyan Kunj and others from Mohan Garden in Delhi NCR.

They are working on building their website and open a registration portal for various local education institutions which will help students of those institute to avail the services. Two institutes (Saraswati Shikha Academy and RTTO ) located near Dwarka mor, have collaborated with them for the same.

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