Dwarka welcomes it’s first Community Fridge installed for the Poor.

    1. Food wastage is an enormous global concern, but thanks to some good people in our country, there have been quite a few initiatives that have come up with answers to manage food wastage by allowing the distribution of leftover food among those who are needy. One such brilliant idea is that of community fridges.
      Under this initiative, a refrigerator is placed in public places where anyone can put their leftover food -from restaurants, hotels or homes – and those who need food have free access to it. The main aim of the community fridge is to cure food wastage and help feed the people in need.
      After Gurugram and Noida gets its Community fridge for the needy, now Dwarka also has welcomed its first community fridge. This is quite a big news. In Atulya Apartments, sector – 18, Dwarka, the community fridge is at the gate of the apartments. This huge initiative has been taken by Dhara, and you all can keep your leftovers food in this fridge. Any needy person in the need for it has an easy access to it and it’s such a great help for the poor.

It would really be of a great help that if every citizen of Dwarka and its neighboring contribute for the same.


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