Dwarka gets its own Bowling Arena!

It came to me as a shock to when I came to know about bowling in Dwarka! When people told me, I thought they might be joking, but just two weeks back I went to the bowling place and trust me it’s so common that even you’d jump too just like I did. I was so relaxed that now I don’t have to travel long for bowling.

What’s the hurry DwarkaWalon? I’ll tell you all about it.

So, to begin with, the specifications: it has the total of two lanes, to begin with. It has every other thing that a bowling arena should have. I bet you didn’t know, just like I didn’t.

This is the first time that a bowling arena is in Dwarka and we cant stop drooling about it.

The place you can have the bowling fun is The Pinnacle Mall, Sector 10 Dwarka. Right? Can you believe now? For those who don’t know about pinnacle mall, it’s at the backside of ITC Welcome – Dwarka, Sector – 10.

Evergreen sweet house, Bowling and a huge supermart are situated in the basement of the mall as soon as you enter. On the ground floor, there is Chaiyum, CCD and many things to explore.

Not only bowling, there are other video games too including air hockey and virtual stimulation. And if you’re thinking this is not true, Go ahead, and check for yourself!! The price is affordable with bowling being Rs. 180-200.

We’ll wait for your experience and feedbacks.


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