Dust aggravates pollution levels in Dwarka

Dust becomes a major concern this pollution season in Dwarka

The sub city of Dwarka is choking from air pollution, hitting the severe mark multiple times this winter season as air quality continues to deteriorate. Of the many factors responsible for the menace, dust has stood out in the area.

Despite the declaration of dust as a major polluting factor by the concerned authorities, no estimable action to curb the situation has been taken. Multiple sources of dust have been contributing to the air pollution after Diwali and the advent of winter, causing problems to the people in the locality.

Some of the major contributors to the dust pollution have been dug up and neglected service lanes in close proximity of societies and colonies, broken, unrepaired roads, dust piled up on road sides by road cleaners, use of brooms on dry and dusty public park lanes and rampant construction across the sub-city. Dumping of debris in bare lands along metro corridors is another problem.

People suffering from respiratory disorders like Asthma or allergies to dust and air pollutants are suffering the worst. Diffusion of dust particles in the air in excess has led to many citizens complain of breathlessness. Even those of a healthy constitution struggle during morning walks or jogging on roads in the area.

Unnoticed dug up service lanes close to societies have been a subject of concern for the occupants of apartments there. Once dug up for cable work or other some such undertaking, these lanes have now fallen into disrepair. A gust of wind naturally or due to frequently passing vehicles turns these lanes into dust emitting pits.

A resident of Sector 7 Division in conversation with one of our respondents said, “You can see how the service lane is full of dust in the various sectors. One side of the road is in dug up state and not restored by the authorities after the completion of work.”

“This is a persistent problem in whole of Dwarka and the roads need urgent repairing and restoration as dust is flying in the air and we all are suffering from that. This is surprising that in this alarming situation when the whole capital is suffering from air pollution, dust is adding more pollution in the air”, he said. 

The metro corridors and adjoining vacant plots used for dumping debris and building materials are another major source of dust in the areas around them. Piled up debris can easily be spotted under metro lines in Sectors 8, 9 and 10. Reflecting his concern regarding the situation, Dr. Sumit Dookia, from Golf Link Apartments in Sector 18A said, “How authorities are so unconcerned about the subject? Some of such plots are near to the residential pockets.”

Damaged roads are another source of dust in the sub-city, polluting markets and societies in their vicinity. The vast tarmac stretches, which were supposed to be repaired before winter season, seem to have gone unnoticed by the concerned authorities.

According to residents, monsoon leaves the roads in dilapidation, creating potholes and subsequent debris stores. If not repaired before winter, these add to the pollution in the adjoining areas.

An octogenarian, from the Welcome Group CGHS in Sector 3 said, “We have been a victim here for about two years. Big potholes are filled with debris which creates dust. It enters in our society and causes suffocation. A person like me is compelled to wear anti pollution masks.”

Another resident of Sector 14 said, “Civic bodies are claiming that sweeping of roads was done through machine and there is no dust on roads. But the situation is very different. Unless they work on maintenance of infrastructure and control illegal activities and construction violations, the problem of dust would not be solved. They have to repair the roads and implement other rules to curb the pollution here.”

By Jatin Pandey

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