The policeman was severely drunk and misbehaved with the woman, justifying his actions.

New Delhi, Dwarka: Every year many people die in road accidents in India. In order to reduce these accidents every year, the Indian government has made several changes in the country’s old automotive act. Changes made in this Act have made the country’s traffic rules strict, and now people will have to pay a hefty penalty for violating these rules. Not only this, the new amendments made in this bill have made the act even more severe. But what is this Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019, all about? It includes penalties such as- penalty for driving without license, drunken driving, not carrying vehicle papers and not wearing seat belt. But what justice do we get when the authorities such as Delhi Police are not following the rules themselves?

An incident happened in Sector 6 Dwarka, where a police officer was drunk while driving, as a result, slammed into a woman’s car in the middle of the road around 9’o’clock at night. The cop argued with the woman, justifying his actions. His car, on the other hand, created a dent on the back of the woman’s car. The cop egotistically stated,

“Madam road pe accident hote hai, road pe murder hote hai, road pe saare kaam hote hai”.

Video credits: Ten News

The man was identified to be Delhi Police Official. The woman asserted that the cop was not willing to come out of his car until other of his colleagues arrived at the scene. There were several bottles of alcohol lying in the backseat of his car which clearly shows the irresponsible side of the fraternity. The victim explained, “I stopped at the red signal and from the back; another vehicle came and hit my car. When I stepped out of the car to check, I saw a man stepping out from the car. His eyes were completely red and his clothes were open. He justified his actions saying that murder and kidnapping cases happen on the road every day which is why he can’t do anything about it. After that he sits in his own car and says ‘Jo karna hai karo’”.

It is a perplexed situation where we see that common people are often made victim of irresponsible police behavior and abuse, but the people working in the authority are so negligent that they are fine with justifying this behavior.

-Prerna Chadha

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