Dreaded gang leader arrested near Dwarka metro station

After an intense firing session, gang leader Prince Tewatia was arrested by special cell officers near Dwarka metro station.

Prince Tewatia a popular gang leader was arrested by the Delhi police on 17th October 2019, near Dwarka metro station, New Delhi. A team of special cell officers handled this operation under ACP Lalit Mohan and ACP Hridaya Bhushan along with their inspectors. They arrested Prince Tewatia after an intense firing session.

They fired five rounds at the police and in retaliation they fired eight rounds (A total of thirteen rounds) and Prince Tewatia was shot in the left leg during the crossfire, this incident occurred around 5 am.

Mr.Tewatia has accused in over half a dozen cases of murder and attempts to murder and runs an extortion racket in south zonal area of the National capital region. Unfortunately, one member of Prince gang, Pramod managed to escape from the area of this operation.

Mr.Tewatia car (White Swift) has been seized by the police officials and they recovered an illegal firearm with four live rounds including three mobile phones and a special type of firearm was also recovered with spent bullet cartridges from the spot where this encounter took place.

By- Navuddit Khatri

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