DMRC Launches ‘Never Give Up’ Campaign to Combat Suicide Cases

In an attempt to tackle the increasing suicide cases (in Delhi Metro stations), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has started a social media campaign ‘Never Give Up’.

The online DMRC ‘Never Give Up’ campaign seeks to encourage depressed commuters to seek help from officials/security about suicidal tendencies.

The campaign was launched on DMRC’s official Twitter handle on 31st July with the tagline –

‘Speak up, reach out! You are not alone.’

DMRC also urged fellow commuters to report anyone who looked ‘visibly upset and in need of help.

DMRC tweeted, “Let’s reach out to people who need a hand over their shoulder.” The programme’s aim is to create awareness.”

Preventive Measures at the Moment: Many stations have platform screen doors, which prevent travelers from getting too close to the tracks. However, these doors have not been installed at any Dwarka’s metro stations.

“Due to the increasing cases of suicides, we have installed platform screen doors in all new stations. These doors will be installed in all the stations in phases,” a senior metro official said.

The initiative was started after an RTI filed by Indian Express revealed a high number of suicide cases at Delhi metro stations – 83 cases between 2014 and 2018, the maximum being reported from Delhi’s busiest, the Blue Line, standing at 32.

In fact, at Dwarka sector 9 metro station, Dwarka recently saw two cases of suicide. In mid April this year, a septuagenarian committed suicide by jumping on the track; in a similar manner, early May, an MCD staffer took his own life at the very same spot.

Nimesh Desai, director, Indian Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IBHAS), said such campaigns were a welcome move.

“If you talk about the scientific part of mental health, end part intervention has a moderate impact in suicide prevention. However, it is a great initiative. I am sure that the DMRC is also engaging professional mental health experts to help them tackle the increasing number of suicides,” Desai said.

By Muskaan Gupta

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