Despite outcries, service lane remains in darkness

Service Lanes along the main road in Sector 3, Dwarka remain in darkness, residents worry about their safety.

Residents of societies along the Master Plan Road 201 in sector 3 division of the Dwarka sub-city fear to venture out of their homes past evening. The reason for such distress is the darkness that looms over the service lanes in the area. Adorned by the authorities with light lamps that do not work, the parallel running lanes along the Master Plan Road 201 leave the people travelling past evening uneasy and in worry. 

In pitch darkness, the area offers and open invitation to misdeeds any smallest of instant. The issue was brought to the notice of the police two months ago, but no action to improve the situation has yet been initiated.

Some of the societies along these lanes include Heritage Tower, Sansad Vihar, Astha Kunj, National Apartment etc. Apart from these worrisome paths, some vacant plots around these societies also remain without working lighting lamps and in complete dark.

According to residents, due to lack of lighting systems and availability of vacant unchecked plots, hooligans, mobsters and goons occupy these spaces and make the areas unsafe particularly past dusk.

Representatives from societies here had given a letter to the police requesting initiatives to curb anti social activities and redevelopment and lighting of lanes. A meeting to discuss the issue was also organized by the representatives and active residents, where they put up their problems in front of the police.

By Jatin Pandey

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