Delhi Metro Lays Out Plan For Dwarka-Kirti Nagar Metrolite Services

The Metrolite is basically a smaller metro system with three coaches and has a carrying capacity of 300 passengers. It is a cost-effective project for DMRC as it costs 30-40 percent less than the Delhi Metro trains.

The Metrolite corridors are usually effective in areas where large scale metro lines are not required. The Metrolite corridors will have a simple fare collection system inside the trains.

Commuters in Delhi will soon be able to travel easily through new Metrolite corridors planned by the Delhi Metro network! The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has planned the Kirti Nagar-Dwarka Sector 25 and the Rithala-Narela sections for setting up the Metrolite corridors.

A DMRC spokesperson told Financial Express Online that the Dwarka Sector 25-Kirti Nagar Metrolite project will be planned along the central verge sharing road space with vehicular traffic, similar to the scrapped bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor of South Delhi.

Source: Times of India

However, the 19.09 km long Metrolite corridor will not hinder usual vehicular traffic on the roads and DMRC has addressed all such issues in this project, which earlier plagued the BRT corridor.

The 19.09 km long Dwarka Sector 25-Kirti Nagar Metrolite corridor will have 21 stations, out of which 16 stations will be at-grade, while five will be elevated. This will make approximately 11.8 km long distance of the corridor to be at grade, while 6.6 km long to be elevated. The corridor will pass through densely populated areas such as Mayapuri, Dabri, Bamnoli and Dhul Siras in the capital.

According to DMRC, the BRT corridor had to be dismantled as the vehicular traffic on the road was severely affected. Taking this into consideration, DMRC has planned the Dwarka Sector 25-Kirti Nagar Metrolite along the central verge and has also planned to make it elevated wherever necessary, in order to avoid any hindrance with vehicular movement.

Delhi Metro has completed a feasibility study of the Dwarka Sector 25-Kirti Nagar Metrolite and the project has also been approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) as well as the DMRC board. MoHUA is backing the Metrolite projects in Delhi as they are less capital intensive.

The Metrolite will ply on dedicated corridors and at major crossings or intersections, it will go underground in order to ensure the smooth movement of trains. DMRC has also planned for smooth passenger movement for reaching the Metrolite stations and subways which will connect the pavements on the roadside with its stations to the centre.

By Jatin Verma

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