Cops Disguise Themselves to Recover a Stolen Car from Dwarka

Cops confined themselves into a small room with no fan or drinking water to keep an eagle eye on the stolen car to recover it from the robbers.


Eight Policemen disguised as farmers and labourers, confined themselves into a rented flat in West Delhi’s Jai Vihar for a week to nab the men who had stolen a traffic constable’s Wagon R, back in February from Sector 9 Dwarka. Traffic constable’s uniform was also stolen along with the car.

Policemen kept an eagle eye on the stolen car which did not even had a number plate. The case was crucial as the traffic constable’s uniform was also at stake, which could have been misused by the criminals. They kept a round-the-clock vigil from a 12×10-feet room, which did not even have a fan, drinking water or utensils.

“Since we knew robbers would come to pick the car, we chose to stay till we nabbed them. We never revealed our identity to anybody in the neighborhood and pretended to be outsiders who had come to work as labourers and hired hands in agricultural fields” a police officer associated with the case said.

One of the officer said that though his colleagues were enthusiastic for the first three to fours days, after sometime they got hopeless when no one showed up to take the car. But just when they were about to call off the operation they got lucky on the seventh day. They saw a man coming to the car and then opening it with a key.

“We immediately surrounded the vehicle and told the suspect to surrender. But he tried to start the ignition to flee but we opened the door of the driver’s side and overpowered him. He identified himself as Sandeep Singh (21) and confessed to stealing a car with his two associates” officer said.

Delhi Commissioner of Police, Dwarka precinct, Anto Alphonse said that after the interrogation of Singh, his other two associates, Vipin Tiwari (21) and Sagar Alias Lucky (21) were also arrested. They told police that they were riding a bike when they robbed a pedestrian of his mobile phone first at around 9:30 p.m. and after 30 mins of the incident police received another call at 10 p.m. about carjacking near a CNG station in Dwarka Sector 9. The suspects physical description given by two complainants pointed that the two robberies were done by the same bikers.

Owner of the stolen car, the traffic constable said that he stopped at the sector 9 CNG station to urinate when three men on a bike robbed his car and wallet. The constable was in plain clothes at the time of robbery while his uniform was in the car. Since the uniform could have been misused by the criminals, five police teams were formed to recover the uniform and the car.

The teams first located the car through two stickers on the windscreen and then arrested the robbers. Also, the stolen mobile phone and the motorcycle which was used to commit the crime, were recovered but they are yet to recover the traffic constable’s uniform.


~Jatin Verma

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