Cop Dead in Hit and Run Case

In an accident, a sedan car hit a barricade which fell on a head constable of Delhi Police and crushed him to death. The incident took place in the night on 8th January 2019, near Dwarka Sector 21.DCP Anto Alphonse said that the victim has been identified as head constable Guljari Lal aged 52 and a case has been registered against the driver,Nagesh Kapoor aged 24.

Around 1 a.m., officers noticed a car coming towards them at a high speed. When the policemen signalled the driver to stop, they realised the car was not slowing down. The driver tried to apply the brakes, but it was too late and the car rammed the barricade. The impact of the crash was such that the iron barricade was thrown in the air and it fell on Guljari Lal.

Other cops who were deployed tried to save Lal from under the barricade, meanwhile the driver sped away. Nearby units were alerted and lal was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.Following this, ACP Ravinder Singh,and his team was constituted to investigate the case. A forensics team inspected the spot and found some tyre marks and broken parts of the car which were used to identify the car. Multiple units zeroed in on Kapoor, who was traced to Southwest Delhi’s Pochanpur village. Investigating officers said that they have taken a blood sample of the accused to find out the amount of alcohol level.


Jatin Verma

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