Bus stops in Dwarka suffering due to poor maintenance

Inauguration of a bus depot and announcement of the new buses to the fleet of DTC in the National Capital will lead to improving the public transport system in Delhi NCR. But the condition of the bus stops is not that well. The bad qualities of the bus stops can be easily seen in Dwarka.

In Dwarka Sector 3, going towards Dwarka sec-12, a bus stop can be seen in its worst conditions. A sharp-iron sheet is visible hanging from the bus queue shelter. The roof of the shelter is also badly damaged and open from one side. It is dangerous and can harm anyone anytime, It includes cracked surface and leaking shelters which will effect the users during Monsoon.

The shelter is in that state since the past one year and no authorities took responsibility to fix it as there is an iron sheet hanging from the top which is quite dangerous. Also at many places, the designated bus stop is missing with missing shelters. Boards of the bus stops are also not easily visible.

The authorities must take care of their area nearby and should ensure that bus stops are properly maintained. So that buses could stop at their proper place and there is no inconvenience. But no one is ready to take charge of this. Let’s hope that the conditions of the bus stops are fixed and this issue soon gets resolved. 

By Navuddit Khatri

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