Bike Theif Arrested in Dwarka, used to sell Bikes worth 80 Thousand for just 800 Rupees stolen from Metro Parking

The Delhi Police on Saturday, arrested a man who used to sell bikes worth Rs.80,000 for just Rs.800. A total of 13 bikes in scrap and otherwise were seized from him. The case is of Dwarka north region. DCP Anto Alphonse, told that the 23 Year old, Ranjit was so clever that he used to steal bikes and two-wheelers in just minutes.

A minor has also been arrested with him, who is said to be his aid and helped in carrying out his plans. Both of them used to steal vehicles from the Metro Parking of Sector 12, 13 and 14 Metro Stations. All these are free parkings. The Anti Theft Squad(ATS) Team, acted on getting the information about their act, and started survellience and checking of vehicles. At Kakrola Village, adjacent to the area of Dwarka Mod, the two of them were caught. This happened whwn the police figured out that the bike that they were driving had a fake number plate.

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