Administrative apathy plagues markets in Dwarka

The sector 4 market in Dwarka is plagued with conditional problems and the administrative indifference towards them

The sector 4 market of Dwarka has for long served the residents of the sub-city, and citizens of the capital who wish to tread over to Dwarka for shopping and other such reasons.

The wide variety of outlets to cater to the needs of the visitors had made the market eligible for entry into the list of the busiest markets in the residential suburb a long time back.

At present, the popularity is still increasing, and so is the footfall. However, among the many tags that the destination has claimed over the years, ‘Shabby’ is one now. 

In a recent on-foot analysis by our team members, numerous problems were noticed in the market area. A poorly functioning sewer system which regularly overflows, damaged floors, garbage scattered wherever a head turn to and encroachments are among the many problems noticed during the visit. The Sector 4 market has been in this pathetic condition for a worrying stretch of time now.

The residents of sector 4 division and the adjoining localities that make up the majority of the visiting crowd experience the deplorable condition on a daily basis. According to the residents, neither the Delhi Developmental Authority (DDA) nor the Municipal Corporation takes much notice of the lamentable situation.

Sanjay Jha, a resident, said, “The market is poorly maintained by the civic bodies. No regular lifting of garbage is observed. Also, almost all the green spaces are used for disposing the garbage other useless materials.” 

“Besides, the premises are often filled with sewer overflow. DDA or the SDMC, both have the maintenance responsibility but have done nothing. It is sad, that despite such a planned and popular market that it is, there are basic issues left unaddressed”, he added.

The market fills the central area of the residential suburb of Dwarka, and yet such administrative apathy is incredible. Apart from the garbage that lies scattered and unattended to by the concerned persons, the dilapidated floor of the market is another cause of worry.

Visitors say that the floor of the place has been in damaged condition for a long time. Some of the visitors who cared, even got in touch with the concerned authorities, but no concrete action (literally) was initiated.

Seema Diwan, another resident of the Sector 4 area said, “I asked about the subject to SDMC and DDA officials as to why the surface is in such damaged condition, but they passed the buck. The surface is getting worse due to logging of sewer water.”

Another aspect that contributes to the pathetic market condition is the occasional encroachments by unauthorized vendors. During the Durga Pooja this year, the encroachments were cleared, but now it has returned again. Allegedly, these things are done in the connivance of authorities.

RK Verma, a regular visitor, said, “Here, everything is under the influential people in the market. They promote encroachment with the support of administration. How one could know who is responsible and how things are going on?”

The power factor in the discussion in relation to the topic made people in the market reluctant to talk about the situation openly. A shop owner we met, on the condition that of his anonymity, agreed to talk.

In his words, “There are violations and they are in connivance of influential people in the market and the administration. They allow the unauthorized vendors to encroach. The eateries, running illegally encroach the open space, dispose off their waste randomly, many times directly in the sewers, thereby choking them. This causes overflow of the sewer sludge and creates a filthy environment in the area.”

“Not only this, but also the green area has been encroached upon. Shop owners take money from any vendor operating in front of them. The influential people and the administration also take money from them. So in this scenario, any improvement is far-sighted.” 

By Jatin Pandey

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