A Private School Cashier Got Robbed in Dwarka, Accused Arrested

A 19 year old man was arrested for mugging a woman and robbing her Rs.5 Lakh near a school in Dwarka.

The incident took place on Thursday, 4th April 2019 when a woman who worked as a cashier in a private school along with her colleague went on his scooter to a bank to deposit Rs.5 Lakh to the fees account of the school.

As the bank’s server was down, the woman had to return on foot. When she reached at the back lane of the school near sheesha godown, a man was waiting for her. He brandished his pistol and allegedly tried to snatch her envelope which carried money. During the scuffle, he fired a shot at the middle of her feet. She sustained injuries on both legs. But the woman was immediately admitted in M.R Hospital in Najafgarh.

During the investigation, in one of the CCTV footage, a person was seen having a scuffle with the woman, who then snatched the envelope in which the cash was kept and fled. The accused was later arrested from the Bindapur area. He was working for Kapil Sangwan gang and received information from the wife of Joginder Dalal, also a member of the gang, presently locked in Tihar jail. Dalal hatched the conspiracy and his wife provided information about the woman and a pistol with 4 rounds.

Police said that the case is under investigation and Rs 35,000 has been recovered from the accused and efforts are being made to trace her and recover the remaining amount of robbery and the weapon of offense.

~ Jatin Verma

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