Gang of Four Thieves Steal Valuables in DDA Flats Sec-5 Dwarka

Theft takes place in Dwarka Sec-5 flats, 12k cash, jewelry, laptop, and wristwatch gets stolen.

New Delhi, Dwarka– Recently there has been two incidents of theft in the Sector-5 DDA Flats on a single night. The whole act of theft has been captured in the CCTV cameras, pushing the police to investigate further. Mahesh Gupta, working as a security cover personnel, shares that the gang targeted two flats on 14th of April at 3:35 AM, entering the flat equipped with arms. He further explains how this is the 3rd incident in recent 4 months. The footage clearly shows how they are breaking in the apartment, making it easier for the police to recognize them. SK Malik, one of the people working on the case explains how there are certain loopholes in the security system, helping the gangs to enter the societies and such loopholes are to be fixed at the earliest.

Even after the guards being present for duties or the CCTV cameras, these men do not fear it all. Moreover, there is a clip in which one of the men is looking directly into the camera while performing the break-in. According to police officials, one of the thefts was unfulfilled and fruitless. The items to get stolen were Rs.12000 cash, a gold chain, a wristwatch, and laptop.

This is a shameful act, however, people will not take a better road to earn money, but include themselves in activities against the law. Education plays a major role here, where people aren’t enough educated to find a suitable job and thereby start taking the short cuts. Dwarka, being a sub-city, is developing faster as it can but on the other hand, is facing a setback in the recent months, as it gets exposed to various crimes now and then.

-Prerna Chadha

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