3 Flats looted in a single night at Elephanta Heights, Sector 10, FIRs lodged

Just when we thought robberies in Dwarka were going low, a new group of robbers became active. They targeted three flats on a single night and all of them were locked with their owners being out of station. Police hasn’t found any trace of the robbers yet.

The incident took place in the Elephanta Heights society in sector 10 Dwarka. The president of the society, Mr, Vijay Kaul filed an FIR in the nearest police station, according to which the robbery took place in flat no. 610 and 807. It is said that 807 belongs to a lady whereas 610 belongs to a person named Mr.C K Dixit. The surprising thing is that the robbers took entry in the flats without breaking the lock, they took the entry from the backdoor and flew away with all the precious stuff.

Police has suspected that it is a possibility that maybe someone from the society or some people who frequently visit the society could be helping the robbers from the shadows.On the same day, another FIR was filed about a robbery in flat no. 507 in the same society, the owner of this flat was also out of station. Police also found some issues with the societies security management. Police said that the society doesn’t have CCTV cameras at all and two guards were on night duty on the night of robbery.

We request and warn everyone to be alert and safe.

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