12 Najafgarh police women, makes sanitized masks for those in need

Delhi Police women personnel are busy safeguarding those around them- this time from coronavirus by stitching masks and making sanitisers.

As the crime rate has gone a bit down due to the lockdown, Delhi Police women personnel have some time at hand and have pitched in to make the protective gear.

The SHO of the police station provided her conveyance to bring the sewing machine to the police station where other women personnel also joined her.

One women officer cuts the cloth, one stitches it and the third one sanitises it.

The officer said these masks are distributed to police personnel and even to those who cannot afford them.

At the Najafgarh police station,12 lady police personnel — one sub-inspector, one assistant sub-inspector, four head constables and six constables — are voluntarily devoting three hours from their eight hour shifts on a daily basis to stitching masks, a senior officer from Dwarka district said.

They are preparing around 1000 masks in a day, he said, adding that in the last four days they have prepared around 4000 cloth masks.

Source : Business Standard

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